Learn to fly 2


AD or left/right to control the flight.

Learn to fly 2 is a cool leisure game for flying.  In this game, you will need to help little penguins learn to fly.  During the flight, some devices can be upgraded so that the penguin can fly higher and farther, thus obtaining higher evaluation and more gold coins.

Learn to fly 2

In Learn to fly 2, the direction key is moved through the direction key, and the space key is boosted.  Other operations requiring options or entering menus are performed by mouse buttons.

Learn to fly 2 game content

When flying formally, you can learn to fly through the above operations.  After each flight, the whole will be evaluated, and each evaluation can become an addition to gold coins.  The function of gold coins is to enable you to purchase devices in the menu and then get better results when flying.

Learn to fly 2 game features

In Learn to fly 2, there are a lot of upgrading devices to choose from.  Therefore, every time you fly, you need to fly higher and farther as far as possible before you can accumulate more gold coins to upgrade your flight equipment.  If you are interested in learning the flight series, then Learn to fly 2 will only bring you an excellent experience.

Do you want some growth games?  Learn to fly 2; can be selected;  You will help a flightless penguin on a flight trip.  You can get gold coins every time you fly, and gold coins can let you go to shops to buy advanced and high-end devices, thus making them fly higher and higher.

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